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Quality Inflatable Boats, Rafts and Kayaks since 1999

Saturn inflatable boats, inflatable rafts, and inflatable kayaks are of exceptional quality and are produced by the leading manufacturer of inflatable watercraft from South Korea. Our manufacturer supplies inflatable rafts for the Korean military, and holds over 20 patents in 12 countries. While typically supplying to Asian, Australian, and European markets, we are bringing their superior quality product directly to our customers.
Saturn Inflatable Boats

Saturn Inflatable Boats & Kayaks represent quality and durability at budget-pleasing prices. Would you love to experience the joy of boating, while avoiding the hassle and expense of trailers, storage, and maintenance associated with traditional boat ownership? If so then an inflatable craft is right for you.

Inflatables are convenient, affordable, and serve all the same functions of hard-hulled craft. Attach a gas motor to fly across the water, or opt for a quiet, inexpensive, electric motor to enhance your fishing or leisure fishing. Our inflatable craft pose the most economically viable solution to get you on the water. Why pay thousands or tens-of-thousands for a hard-hulled boat that gets used a handful of times per month when you could pay a fraction of the price for the same experience? Combine the cost benefits with the added ease of use, and an inflatable boat will you have you on the water more often, providing you more enjoyment for your money.

Saturn inflatable craft will do the trick for the bay, river, lake and ocean. No matter where you do your boating, getting your boat there will be a cinch. Once deflated, these boats can be stored in your trunk, as they take up about as much space a medium luggage bag. Store it anywhere, take it anywhere. Keep it in the RV, take it to the lake, or put it in the ocean. Your inflatable boat will get you closer to the surf, the fish, and the great outdoors, faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before.

Saturn inflatable boats offer exceptional durability and attention to details. Prices below shown including shipping within USA.

Description Capacity  Length  Sale 
Inflatable Dinghy SD230 2 persons 7.6' $748
Inflatable Dinghy SD260 3 persons 8.6' $858
Inflatable Dinghy SD290 4 persons 9.6' $968
Inflatable Dinghy SD330 4 persons 11' $1068
Inflatable Boat SD365 5 persons 12' $1198
Inflatable Boat SD385 5 persons 13' $1348
Inflatable Boat SD430 7 persons 14' $1498
Inflatable Boat SD470 8 persons 15' $1758
Inflatable Raft RD390 8 persons 13' $1798
Fishing Kayak FK396 2 persons 12' $698
Expedition Kayak RK375 2 persons 12' $668
KaBoat SK396 2 persons 12' $698
KaBoat SK430 3 persons 14' $778
KaBoat SK470 3 persons 15'  $818
KaBoat SK487 4 persons 16'  $998
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